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Attitude Holland 2021
Looking Back - Looking Forward

Hope, patience and a positive attitude are very important to us. With this mentality in our team we made things happen in 2021.

Even within the Attitude team we have plenty of different views on several subjects, but the basic foundation at Attitude is: No Judgement, Let Eachother Be, Compassion and Love ("If you judge people, you have no time to love them" - Mother Theresa). We are all perfect as we are, and by being different in whatever way (blue, green or no hair, against or in favour of something), we all together make this world an even more beautiful place to be. 

2021 was another year in which suppliers helped us out beyond their means, they served us so well that Attitude Holland could shine more than ever before.

Logistically we have been tested as well this year, and have succeeded in a lot of ways. By constantly looking for changes and improvements we can make, we continue to serve our customers. When you grow and change as a business, you always want to protect your core values. 

Because that is why we are here, why we run Attitude Holland. And again, when we look back on this year, we can be content with what was and what's there now. The love/warmth/welcome in the Attitude Family continues to stay. Because we have not participated in any offline events this year, we have missed the physical contact with our customers and friends. But we have made up for that by organizing Miss/Mr/Mx Alternative online, with a grand final during Halloween. The feedback we received from all participants during our live events on Youtube, was that a strong connection could be felt between all of us. We did not expect this to happen online, but we feel very touched/proud/happy/content by seeing people find each other via Attitude Events. A lot of customers/friends mentioned personal growth. Again it warms our hearts when we read and hear this, it makes being part of the Attitude Family even more rewarding.

Let's look forward as well. Reflecting on yourself and on a business is very important, but it is also very important to plan ahead and look into the future with hope and a positive attitude. For 2022 we have an Attitude App in the pipeline, which needs to be more than just a webshop-app. We want to integrate AttitudeForum as well, a place where you can win things, inspire others but also ask for help when you need it.

Of course, we are also planning to bring lots more creative crazy products, and new Dye With Attitude Hairdye colours.

But most importantly we wish to keep connecting with each other online and offline. You and we are not alone, we are here for each other especially in 2022, you can count on us!

Happy Holidays - Attitude Holland
Rebecca & Rob van Berkel