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Giveaways > Win Hair Dye With Your MULTI-COLOURED Hair!

  • Which brand & colour are you wearing in your picture?
    Dye with attitude:
    -Proud(the overal pink color)
    - Combi set over the rainbow(the rainbow strands)
    -Angel(the bottom row of my hair)
  • How does this hair colour make you feel?
    It expresses who i am.
    It also shows my pride for my sexuality.
  • How was your hair before you applied the colour (ie pre-bleached, growing out old colour, etc)?
  • What is your favourite hair dye brand and what is so great about it?
    Dye with attitude, the colors are really vibrant. These colors also light up in ice light, which makes it great for festivals.
  • Your no.1 advice for dyeing your own hair is:
    My mom dyes my hair for me, so we always talk during the process.
  • Which Attitude Hair Colour would you like to win?
  • Your instagram name (so we can tag you)?
December 24, 2022   15:56   (edited)
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