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Models Wanted > Models Wanted for Hair Dye Combis!

  • What hair dye combi would you like to model (examples: balayage with Brave blue & Toxic green, or money pieces with Proud pink & Mellow yellow)?
    I love black hair! I would really love to try something with purple and black hairdye. I've seen multiple hairstyles with black and purple colouring as highlights, or balayages. I really like dark hair colours so a really dark purple would be cool!
  • What's your current hair history (is it bleached, what hair dye have you used, etc.). Please be as detailed as possible, but only include the history of your current hair :)
    I once dyed my hair black with black box dye. (Garnier Olia 1.0) this was 2 years ago and you can't see the black anymore in my dark brown hair. I tried a couple of months ago the 'Dramatic Purple' hairdye from attitude on my natural hair but as expected, no colour showed up.
  • Do you have any experience with modelling? Please upload photos if so. If not, please upload photos in which you show you are photogenic.
    I do not have experience with modelling but I would love to try! I like to pose on photos. The photos that are uploaded are all kinds of different pictures of me where most of the time I experiment with things. (Like the witch picture that I used for an assignment in my study)
  • Generally, what days/times are you available?
    My schedule changes over time, but I can adjust to whatever is available! (Especially for a cool hair colour) The only days that wouldn't come out so nice is monday or friday. But as I said, I can adjust to different schedules, just contact me and it will be fine.
  • Your instagram name or link to portfolio:
    my public instagram profile: @haelinos__
January 10, 2023   19:51   (edited)
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