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  • Who/what are we seeing in this picture?
    This is me, as a drag king Alig Tronn.
  • How does the picture make you feel?
    It makes me feel like a powerful, sexy man.
  • What does Pride and the LGBTQIA+ community mean to you?
    Pride movement helps people feel better about themselves, makes LGBTQA+ people more comfortable in their own skin by showing them there is nothing wrong in being a little bit different.
  • What could Attitude do to better support this community?
    Include drag kings somehow. We are marginalised even within the drag community.
June 9, 2022   14:54   (edited)
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We're sorry, but we stand by our decision because we could not see that it was not real in this photo.
We do not ever want to discourage you from being your true self and showing it to the world, but unfortunately, we have to be careful with the content on our website for your safety and that of future entrants.
What nudity? The male nipple isn't nudity even on Instagram, and they ban everything. Plus, it's not real, it's made out of silicone and then put on my body. O.o
Hi Eleanore, your photo was removed because of violation of our Official Rules: https://www.attitudeholland.nl/attitudeevents/forums/topics/topic/?topic=293
Please refrain from uploading content with nudity. You may upload a different photo to reenter.