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  • Who did you take this photo with, and how did you meet?
    Juli is one of my best friends, we got introduced to each other because we both love goth music and fashion and they wanted to get more in connection with the subculture, so I started taking them to goth clubs and they absolutely loved it :)
  • What about being goth appeals to you?
    The open-minded community that unites over the music and love for the dark and let's you express yourself no matter what you look like or where you are from :)
  • If you had to choose a different fashion/music/art style, what would it be?
    Probably Hippie because I love the connection to nature.
  • What could Attitude Holland do that would be meaningful to our community?
    Show diversity of all skin colour, genders and body shapes on your page! I think it's really important these days for people to know they have a place in the community and are welcome no matter what they look like!
  • Have you posted a topic or commented on something in the Alternative Community Square? Please put the link here. This improves your winning chances :)
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You two look awesome!