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Ms/Mr/Mx Alternative > May's Challenge: DIY Fashion!

  • Who or what inspired you in this creation?
    Have you ever wished to live in the past? Not the racist, homophobic, xenophobic, everyone that doesn't act the same as the norm has to go past. But the pretty corsets and dresses and truly great craftsmanship of making clothing that can endure for a lifetime and more to come past! I know I do! I made this 1740-1760 pair of stays (a precursor to the corset) by hand over the span of two months in the same techniques and materials It would have been done in the period. The shift worn under it I also made myself and is a part of a previous 12th century costume.
  • What's something you miss in most existing fashion?
    More inspiration out of the past! Bring on the corsets, stays, bloomers, you name it! I can make them myself but for all my lovely people that do history bounding or just like to go to fantasy of historical gatherings this would be wonderful. Mabey Attitude can bring in some of that in their collection?
  • Are you available on May 25th, 20:00 CET to join the livestream?
    Yes I am.
May 5, 2022   10:13   (edited)
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Amazing craftsmanship