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Entry of Bella Bellsibubb

  • Thank you for this photo! Where did you take it?
    Cat pic at my familys house. Hamster pic at home.
  • What/who is this animal you photographed? :)
    This is Figaro, our family cat who crossed the rainbow bridge two years ago. Mom had showered and pampered him on this christmas morning and he posed with his bow as I snapped a pic. As you can see on his face he hated it, lol.
    Second pic is Sigge, our dwarf hamster. In this picture I had just returned from my parents home to say my last goodbye to Figaro, our family cat of 14 years. I had been crying a lot, and when I came home to snuggle with Sigge, he gave me hamster kisses on my cheek! <3 Animals give me so much comfort!! He’s the sweetest lil buddy.
  • Your no.1 tip for good photography is:
    Always be prepared with your camera, to catch the magic moments! They may happen anywhere at any time.
  • What are your favourite animals to buy products of at Attitude? :)
    I love animal skulls of any kind. I might get a Bird skull next…

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